Making Friends in Bend

Making Friends in Bend

Bend has a growing community at last count our town surpassed 110,000 Bendites! Local businesses like the Bend Social Co are a valuable resource for connecting with others in Bend. Joining The Bend Social Co opens you social lens to events in bend every week where you'll to meet new people, explore your shared interests, and make new friends.

Making Friends as a Student in Bend

Bend is home to many small colleges, including Oregon State University-Cascades Campus and Central Oregon Community College. The best way to make friends as a student in Bend is to get involved on campus. Joining a student organization, attending events, or volunteering on campus is a great way to meet new people and form meaningful connections. The Bend community also offers many opportunities for outdoor activities such as skiing and rock-climbing.

The LGBTQ+ Social Scene in Bend

Bend is  LGBTQ+ friendly, with a small but growing queer community. There are various events throughout the year, including the Bend Pride Festival, the Central Oregon Pride Ride, and the Oregon LGBTQ Film Festival. Bend Social Co is a great tool for LGBTQ+ people looking to form genuine connections here in Bend, we're a big tent social events company. 

FAQs About Bend Social Scene

Is it easy to make friends in Bend?

Making friends in Bend is a real challenging, but with a bit of effort, it is possible. Joining groups or attending events based on interests is a great way to meet new people and form meaningful connections.

What hobbies are popular in Bend?

Outdoor activities are very popular in Bend, including hiking, skiing, and snowboarding. Yoga, art, and music are also popular hobbies.

What is the best way to meet people near me with similar interests?

The best way to meet people near you with similar interests is to join a group or attend an event based on your interests. Bend has a lot of local places to meet others just like you.

Join The Bend Social Co

Making friends in Bend can be challenging, but the community offers many exciting opportunities for growth and connection. Try exploring our weekly calendar of events with outdoor activities, volunteering opportunities, and social scene to make meaningful connections where you'll connect with like-minded individuals for genuine friendships!