Couples Events and Fun in Bend, Oregon

Couples Events and Fun in Bend, Oregon

Looking to meet new friends and get social in Bend, Oregon? Look no further than the Bend Social Co! This vibrant organization hosts a variety of fun and engaging events that are perfect for newly arrived couples seeking to expand their social circle. One event that stands out is the "Sip and Stroll" wine tasting tour. Join other couples as you explore the local wineries, savoring exquisite wines while getting to know fellow wine enthusiasts. It's a fantastic way to bond over shared interests and create lasting connections in Bend.

Get Outside in Bend Social Calendar

If you and your partner are looking for an active and adventurous outing, consider joining the Bend Social Co's "Outdoor Escapades" event. Explore the stunning natural beauty of Bend while engaging in thrilling outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, or mountain biking. The group setting provides an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded couples who share a passion for adventure. Discover hidden gems and scenic trails together while forging new friendships that will add excitement to your life in Bend.

Cultural Events in Bend 

For those who enjoy cultural experiences, the Bend Social Co organizes "Art Walk and Tapas Nights." Explore the vibrant art scene in Bend as you stroll through art galleries, appreciating local talent, and engaging in insightful discussions about art and culture. Afterward, indulge in delicious tapas and refreshing drinks at a trendy local restaurant. This event not only offers a chance to meet other couples interested in the arts but also provides a platform to discuss and appreciate the artistic community in Bend. Join us!